Who we are

We follow the tradition, from grandfather to father, from father to children. We guard the secrets the earth has revealed to us over the years. We live in Sicily in the plain of Catania, near to the Etna volcano since ever.

We have had a great fortune because we born in a rich, generous and pure land, with unique food traditions. We support and respect nature, selecting carefully the products it offers us, because the earth is the DNA of our products. The great fortune of being Italian is that Italy is the first nation in the world for variety of territories and food products.

Who we are: we are happy and proud of being born in this part of the world it is called Italy.


We want to give our customers high quality products at affordable prices.

We want delight with the best products of our land all people love the good life.

We want to combine the nutritional benefits of Sicilian ingredients with the taste of Italian cooking, to create practical and delicious solutions.

We want offer a unique experience of flavors and fragrances to give memories for who has already been in Sicily and tastes for who hopes to know our Land.

Why you can choose us

MeraTerra, a company branch specializing in the sale of food and wine products, takes its name from the combination of the word MERA which means something simple and pure and the noun TERRA that is not only the physical place where we live, but also space and time: it is culture, origin, nature. From this meaning:

  • Our products are natural and simple
  • Our food transmits memory and memories of old flavors
  • Our food is genuine and healthy

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